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One-on-One Executive Coaching

For the person who wants to increase their leadership skills, and develop an intentional approach that is confident, comfortable, effective, and equitable

Workshops and Trainings for Teams

For when an entire team needs to build competence, develop a shared understanding, build urgency, and create a vision for success

Facilitation for Teams, Groups, or Departments

For any team working through tough conversations, collaborating, aligning, and clarifying what to do and how to do it

Consulting for Leaders

For guidance in finding solutions to specific challenges, when the energy is there but you aren’t sure what to do

How We Work

There is an enormous problem in our culture’s implicit model of change: we operate under the assumption that when we face a challenge in our lives, if we just knew everything about a problem, the solution would reveal itself. In fact, we continually operate as if that were true, even though very few problems are ever solved that way. This is like studying drowning to learn how to swim.

In other aspects of our daily life, we operate quite differently: when we get a flat tire, we break out the spare, or we call for a tow, or we turn on our hazard lights and limp to a service station—but we never retrace the road for miles, agonizing over what caused the flat. If we’re cooking and a sauce is bland, we don’t start examining the tablespoon for accuracy—we add a little sugar, a little salt, and taste again. Better? A little more? Because in those instances, we aren’t concerned about who gets the blame, or whose theory was right, or any hypothetical future instances. In those instances, we’re concentrating on the goals: we want to get back on the road, or to have a great meal.

In those instances, we’re Solution-Focused.

That’s the methodology that we apply when helping a leader or a team push towards a more equitable, high-functioning, successful organization.

And we do it in a way that’s compelling and optimistic, because human beings are… human, and we’re far more successful when they enjoy what we’re doing, and believe in it. WE DON’T DO LECTURE. We discuss, we explore, we interact. We engage. We don’t prescribe, we collaborate. We aren’t transactional, we’re transformational. This is the same reason why we never write in academese: the most essential foundation for a constructive relationship is a shared understanding, and any words that undermine that are counterproductive. So why muffle the meaning when we can be crystal clear? We’re connecting with you. It’s so much more powerful. Every aspect of our collaboration will be the same way.

Why This Matters to Us

Have you ever watched a zombie movie? There are 1000’s of them. And yet, when you consider it, there are no truly iconic zombies. Count Dracula and Edward Cullen are famous vampire characters, and everyone recognizes the rectangular head and bolted neck of Frankenstein’s monster. But although there are 10 times as many zombie movies as superhero movies, there are no famous zombies. Why?

Because zombie films are not about zombies.

In a zombie movie, the disaster hits and suddenly our protagonists are forced to collaborate with people chosen by circumstance, on high-stakes tasks, while emerging challenges threaten to destroy everything they’re working towards.

Zombie films are really about human interaction.

They’re about leadership, trust, betrayal, sacrifice, self-interest, and fraught relationships and shifting loyalties and zero-sum games and dwindling resources. They’re about how seamless teamwork is essential to survival, and they’re about just how fragile a team can be. We’ve all been on a “team” that just can’t seem to make good things happen, even though everyone on that team sincerely believed themselves to be “good”. That’s what makes zombie movies so relatable and so frustrating: why can’t they see that they’re stronger together??!!?!

At RogersLeads, all one-on-one coaching, group facilitation, DEI work, trainings, and workshops are rooted in the same belief: strong, reciprocal, reliable collaboration is crucial to success—your team is stronger together. We do this work because we want to see you succeed, and we know the power of a diverse, candid, well-led, high-functioning team. Getting you there is how we make change in this world, and that’s why it’s what we love to do.

Who We Are

Jeff Rogers


Dwayne Rogers

Chief Operating Officer

Lorena Iglesias

Executive Assistant

Gina Morales-Taveras

Coach & Facilitator


“Jeff is as humorful and welcoming as he is witty and discerning. He uniquely makes you feel at ease while challenging you to confront difficult topics of bias and injustice.” Read more
Jerren Chang
Co-Founder & CEO, GenUnity
“Jeff has the ability to break a situation down into more manageable and practical pieces, which will enable you to make informed and logical decisions. He has proven to be an extraordinary coach and confidant. I am ever so grateful.” Read more
Crystal Campbell
Executive Director, Dorchester County First Steps

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